Vrun Zurel

Championing Transformation as Managing Director

Meet Varun Zurel, a dynamic professional whose career journey is as inspiring as it is diverse. Starting as a Call Center Operations Specialist in the international BPO industry, Varun’s path led him to the enthralling world of commercial diving in South Africa. Embracing challenges, he ventured into new horizons before finding his calling at BSL in 2010.

Beginning as the Head of Operations, Varun’s tireless dedication and exceptional leadership propelled him to the role of Managing Director in 2014. His tenure has been marked by remarkable growth and enhanced business performance, a testament to his effective management, financial acumen, and client relations skills.

Beyond his operational expertise, Varun is a staunch advocate for well-being. His passion for fitness and healthy living permeates BSL, motivating the team to achieve peak performance. Additionally, he focuses on upscaling BSL and expanding its professional network, ensuring the company stays ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

Varun’s role as Managing Director is defined by his wealth of experience in operations management, revenue generation, and client relations. His commitment to empowering organizations and fostering meaningful connections resonates deeply with his audience. With unwavering dedication and a genuine desire to make a difference, Varun is leading BSL towards unparalleled success while inspiring others to follow in his footsteps.

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